A downloadable game for Windows

First there was nothing but then... a ReFormer came to save the world from DESPAIR. You are the lucky one who can CONTROL every move of the hero! Now be that hero, and help the poor, unfortunate people fend off those vicious monsters!

Most importantly, have fun!

WASD - move

Point, click - shoot


ReFormer(LD 45).zip 3 MB


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The idea of the game is great, but it has a lot to improve on.

I suggest you adding animations for when you hit a monster or monster hits you (like a poof/explosion or something)

Add levels

Add some kind of in game credits so that you can buy skins, buildings, monsters, upgrade player, npcs etc.

Make the infinite mode harder as you progress, so there would be a point in buying upgrades. 

Sorry for the bad English